Resume for Matt Huddleston


I am seeking a fulltime Preaching Position – a place where I can lead, create and develop.

Ministry Philosophy

I believe that every member is important.  Every member is placed within the local family by God (Eph. 4:11-13).  We need the full range of talents, gifts, and insights to reach out to the community.  I, as your preaching minister, want to equip through sermons and classes, then by mentoring, and finally by assisting those already trained in leading the next generation (II Tim. 2:2).


My preaching style highlights how our lives have  been impacted by God’s love and mercy.  My lessons blend the message of the cross with relevant and practical examples of lives transformed by His mercy and love.  My goal is to balance each sermon with biblical content, engaging presentation, and a call toward faithful action.  I prefer to intersperse exegetical sermons with topical, current needs sermons, both coupled with themed PowerPoint and illustrations that reinforce the biblical message.

I want to practice my faith in ways that personally connects throughout the week.  Counseling, visitation and strategic communications are part of my weekly ministry plan.  I have expertise with web development, graphics and animation, and regularly use WordPress, Dreamweaver, and Flash.  On the print side, I am well versed in Photoshop, InDesign and Publisher.  Working with several design/marketing firms has honed both my web and print skills.

I work hard to develop teams to give momentum to the work and vision of the church.  While in Japan, I built several international teams to help train believers to reach and teach hundreds of Japanese people. At the Cordova Church of Christ, I built mission teams to lead over 250 members each year on more than 20 mission trips.  Here in Bixby, OK, I have developed teams to serve in communication, outreach, financial training, and video production.

Downtown Bixby Church of Christ

Roles include – Preaching, Teaching, Ministerial Duties, Office Administrator and Team Builder

Preaching Minister
Jan. 2014 – current

In Preaching and Teaching, I have the opportunity to speak 3-6 times each week.  My sermons, usually 4-8 weeks series, focus on scriptural application. I love to be a part of people hearing the Gospel for the first time.  I’m passionate about encouraging believers to be doers.

As Minister, I performed many weddings, funerals and counseling sessions.  Participating in the ups and downs of life is a great way to connect and understand the congregation. As Team Builder, I created several teams to assist with communication, video production and fund raising.  We paid off $1.5 million debt during my time, created commercial-quality video promotions and revamped our vision of outreach and involvement.

Cordova Church of Christ

Roles include – Teaching, Preaching, Missions Minister, Adult Education Director, Web Administrator, Office Administrator and IT Manager

Associate Minister
Jan. 2006 – Dec. 2013

In Teaching and Preaching, I spoke regularly in worship and/or class, led small group Bible studies and conducted mid-week out-reach classes.

As Missions Minister, I helped raise an additional $500,000 for mission projects.  In my final year we sent out nearly 250 members to work at our 20+ mission projects.   I created teams to lead in planning, developing and implementing each mission project.

As Adult Education Director, I organized 6 themed Sunday morning classes each quarter.  Skilled in research, procurement and teacher recruitment.

Japan Missions

Japan Missions

Roles include – Preaching, Teaching, Involvement Minister, Web Ministry Director, and Fund-raising

Missionary for the Mito Church of Christ & E-vangelist
1996 – 2005

In Preaching and Teaching, I spoke regularly in Japanese, spoke at national conferences, led weekly Bible classes for the International members.  Mid-week, I conducted personal Bible studies and directed the largest year-round evangelistic Bible study program in Japan.

As Involvement Minister, I connected American short-term teachers to a thriving out-reach ministry.  Together, we studied weekly with 150+ students in small groups or one-on-one Bible studies.  Other areas of focus included created curriculum, organized training workshops, lea multiple A.I.M. teams, and organized summer camps.

As Web Ministry Director, I created two sites to help facilitate out-reach to students all throughout Japan.  Working via the web with Christians in the States (whom we called e-vangelists), we were able to build a mission network for 9 congregations that grew to be the third largest year-round evangelistic effort in Japan.  Both our work with Mito Church of Christ and our web ministry have been reported in The Christian Chronicle.